Mikom, Inc.

Mikom is the largest privately-held wireless telecommunication infrastructure  provider in Turkey, helping people stay connected wherever they are. As Mikom, we value innovation  before anything else for our trusted partners.

Founded in 2001 by leading telecommunications and IT experts, Mikom Microwave Communications Systems has become one of the most prominent microwave communications companies in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, by putting innovation before anything else for its customers. Adamant in creating new technologies that provide the utmost excellence to connect people all around the globe, the Mikom is a global player, constantly moving forward in bringing new technologies to life in Turkey and in the CIS countries.​

We live in a world, where today Mikom powers hundreds of thousands of businesses, connecting millions of people in 30+ countries around the globe. We achieve our success by always operating on our core beliefs and values and working hard towards a common objective and deliver results.

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that connectivity through superior and reliable technology will be at the fore front for our survival in the upcoming century.


In a world where digital has become critical, we design, build and deploy for our partners. Everyday we facilitate millions connect with one another.

Strategic Planning

Prototyping / Workshops / Research

Research is the key to success at any operation at any size. We deliver cost effective strategic planning optimized for success.

Network Design

Optimisation / Data / Research

One size never fits all. We deliver network design tailor made for any environment regardless of the situation.

IP Based WAN & LAN Solutions

Front-End / Applications / Foundation

Mikom is the key partner for IP WAN & LAN Solutions with a proven industry leading track record.

Indoor Coverage Systems

Network / Building / Tunnel

We deliver the most comprehensive Indoor Coverage System for our partners regardless of boundaries.

Satellite Earth Stations

Implementation / Data / Connectivity

Connectivity is a key component of everyday life. We provide Satellite Earth Station Infrastructure to connect the globe and beyond.

RF & Optical Network

Infrastructure / Materials / Turnkey

Mikom is the industry leader at RF & Optical Network Design, Manufacturing and Deployment.

Service provider network evolution, infrastructure engineering, design and deployment

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In a complete spectrum of services, starting from system design, including supply of materials, to implementation, Mikom provides state-of-the-art systems solutions for its partners’ advanced telecommunications requirements. Talk to Us Today.